Paper Submissions

Submission Format: Please submit full papers to this link. All submitted papers should be in the form of Adobe PDF file and are to be limited to a maximum length of 8 pages. Please use the template available from the website, article format.

Detail for IJEECS Publications:-

1. An Introduction should contain the following three parts:

- Background: Authors have to make clear what the context is. Ideally, authors should give an idea of the state-of-the art of the field the report is about.

- The Problem: If there was no problem, there would be no reason for writing a manuscript, and definitely no reason for reading it. So, please tell readers why they should proceed reading. Experience shows that for this part a few lines are often sufficient.

- The Proposed Solution: Now and only now! - authors may outline the contribution of the manuscript. Here authors have to make sure readers point out what are the novel aspects of authors work. Authors should place the paper in proper context by citing relevant papers. At least, 5 references (recently journal articles) are used in this section.

2. Results and discussion section: The presentation of results should be simple and straightforward in style. You should improve your analyzing and also present the comparison between performance of your approach and other researches. Results given in figures should not be repeated in tables. This section report the most important findings, including results of statistical analyses as appropriate. It is very important to prove that your manuscript has a significant value and not trivial.

3. Please ensure that: all references have been cited in your text; Each citation should be written in the order of appearance in the text; The references must be presented in numbering and CITATION ORDER is SEQUENTIAL [1], [2], [3], [4], ......

The references must be integrated also with not less than two papers published on IAES's Journals. You can find the issued at:



- (or --> please use “Search Paper” facility in right top side of the site)